Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★★

Videogame and 80s pop culture nerds rejoice, this movie is your dream come true. Part CGI/animated, part live action, this tells the story of Wade Watts playing through the virtual reality game world Oasis searching for the three keys left behind as Easter eggs inside by the game world creator when he died.

"Some things are perfect. Asteroids." - James Halliday, creator of Oasis.

The movie isn't perfect. The real world scenes are not as dramatic as intended nor what happens in the game and the frequent back and forth between the two worlds is jarring. Others have been critical that this is an overdose of pop references stitched into a movie (I loved references of movie like Chucky). This is one of my favorite movies, it's not the greatest ever movie, no, but I will probably never tire of rewatching it. Highly recommended for videogamers and niche viewers, likely not as much for the mainstream.

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