Rocky IV

Rocky IV ★★½

When this first came out I saw it at the theater and really liked this movie, but time has been unkind to the story and my memory. Today, some 32 years later, there are only a few scenes that I enjoy rewatching.

The whole Russia vs. USA now seems way overly dramatic and almost preachy. Rocky's training montage is way too long although there are some creative shots where he is working out in the elements vs. Ivan Drago's training is more clinical and polished.

The boxing scenes are often on the unrealistic side, like any two fighters would stand toe to toe brawling that much (admittedly some real boxing matches have had brawling). Also the punch sound effects seem almost cartoonishly amped up. Then there are some weird scenes like the one involving a "pet" robot for Pauly. I guess Stallone wanted something quirky for Pauly to do, but he might as well not even be in this movie. He does have a couple good lines of dialogue.

I think what I liked overall in 1985 was it followed a pattern of what Rocky III was like dramatically story-wise. The Rocky and Adrian character-driven romance that was so essential in the first two Rocky films is almost non-existent here.

Add this all up and this is recommended for a single watch, but not rewatch worthy except for extreme Rocky film fans. Not sure I'll ever watch the entire movie again, perhaps just fast forward to certain parts I really liked from here out.

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