Seberg ★★

Kristen Stewart plays actress Jean Seberg as she's investigated by the FBI for her involvement in the civil rights movement.

Finally, a film from Stewart where she's not just going through the motions and looking like an emotionless statue most of the time. She plays Seberg with all the complexity and emotion of a real actress. Stewart was so terrible in Underwater and Charlie's Angel's the unnecessary reboot, that I honestly expected more of the lackluster same here. Happily wrong.

I didn't like Stewart's short haircut through the entire movie, when you look at pictures of Seberg with that long, pulled up hair, but hey, she does kind of look a little bit like her otherwise. In fairness, Seberg made the pixie haircut a thing in the movie, Breathless (1960) it just seems like that's what Stewart models in her portrayal through the entire movie here.

Yes, I realize Stewart has been a good actress in past roles. Read and heard many good things about her in Twilight (I haven't seen) some smaller indie roles and so on. Still, here, she's bringing a strong performance to yet another mediocre script. I didn't feel enough drama in this script until the last third of the movie. The only thing keeping me in it until then was Stewart's performance. Heck, she does just about everything, including goes topless in a couple semi-steamy scenes.

There are very minor performances by Vince Vaughn and a portly Colm Meaney, but they are just window dressing. The conflicted FBI agent who feels like they are going too far in their investigation-persecution of Seberg is OK. I keep returning to Seberg, who we see almost zero acting in the film (she was in the blockbuster disaster hit, Airport, for pete's sake), only her growing paranoia. Without spoiling, the ending was a total letdown. I'll have to cover that in my critique on my blog and link back here for those interested, but the ending just rubbed me all kinds of wrong.

This wasn't the film I was expecting to see, unfortunately. Was hoping for more like Judy starring Renee Zellweger, sans the singing of course. Sort of got that in a better, but still not amazing performance by Stewart. The anemic story, if not buoyed by Stewart, just left me feeling depressed. Not recommended.

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