Sleepwalkers ★★

Shares the distinction as being the first (and only?) screenplay that Stephen King wrote specifically for film. It is reportedly an adaptation of an unpublished short story (hard to believe he had anything unpublished by the end of the 80s). Not a ringing endorsement, but I vaguely remember seeing this at some point back in the 90s (a rental, if I recall correctly), and couldn't remember much of it. It is mostly a forgettable film, but it has familiar elements King would mine for other works.

(Sidenote: they should have licensed the song, "Cat's in the Cradle" for this movie)

To King's credit, it's a little better than Maximum Overdrive. A mother and son are shapeshifter vampires that feed on the energy captured from virgins. interesting to note that this feeding on energy idea is more effectively realized in a later novel and movie, Doctor Sleep. That said, suppose King borrowed from himself, at least. Not scary, as intended, so it loses stars for that. Not recommended, except for Stephen King completionists.

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