Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog ★★★

SE-GA! If you ever played the Sonic, the speedy character that gets his name from his supersonic speed, he is now getting his own movie starring opposite of Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik. Ben Schwartz does Sonic's voice.

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James Marsden plays Tom Wachowski, the bored sheriff who is thinking of moving onto a new town. Little does he know that Sonic has been spying on him and refers to him as The Donut King because Tom talks to Donuts. Sonic has a lonely day, gets angry and goes into lightning speed mode and knocks out power. This alerts the government who calls in Dr. Robotnik to hunt down the source of the problem.

Sonic hides out in Tom's house and is discovered. From there becomes a cat and mouse movie between Tom & Sonic vs. Dr. Robotnik and his various tech assault drones.

I went in with very low expectations because most videogame movies have been terrible. Good to report that the portrayal of Sonic feels faithful to the videogame and has enough depth, backstory and motivations to carry the movie.

Was not as wowed by Dr. Robotnik's portrayal by Jim Carrey. We've seen the same manic Carrey before. It's Pet Detective Jim Carrey with a Robotnik mustache. He overacts just about every line. I thought he might dial it back and instead he dials it up. Just comes out as being a gimmick and not what I thought of when playing the Sonic games and seeing Robotnik and reading the text in the game. Others might like what Jim Carrey did, but I wasn't that thrilled with what he did.

Comedy-wise there isn't anything laugh out loud, but there are some humorous moments. It's more of a sweet adventure story dealing with a friendship with an alien creature (E.T did this much, much better). I didn't love this, but also it isn't bad. It's entertaining enough to recommend, but it's not something I'm interested in rewatching.

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