Star Wars ★★★★★

Saw for the first time at a small theater in Camas, Washington. I can't remember if it was 1977 or 1978, but it was after it had been out and running awhile in the theater. I was a young kid at the time, but remember my big sister going with me. My memory is being amazed at this movie. It was the greatest single thing I'd ever seen and seemed so BIG. Everything seemed big like the opening ship, the words, the spaceships.

I remember it being a big deal years later when it came out on VHS!

Darth Vader scared me as the villain with that whole weird breathing thing. The stormtroopers were sinister to me and cheered when the heroes (Luke, Han Solo, Princess Leia) took those guys out.

Of course I'd want all the Star Wars action figures and I had a friend who had the Millennium Falcon, that was cool.

If you are one of the small few people who has not ever seen this movie, then it probably won't have the same impact it had in 1977. We've seen a lot of technical advancement since then, but it is still an incredible movie. That childhood memory of how awe-inspiring it was drove me to every sequel in the theater since.

I'll admit that Star Wars hasn't been as magical for me since the original trilogy ended, but I will always consider this to be one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. I've bought this in physical media several times over the years and today 11/12/2019 I signed up for Disney+ and watched it on that service. Viewers should be aware that George Lucas has tinkered with some scenes in director edits over the years as recently as 2012 (!!). The general tone of the movie hasn't changed, but there are some scenes that fans are outraged over the edits Lucas made (EXAMPLE. Greedo and Han Solo in the Cantina).

As far as science fiction fantasy genre, no other film has been as entertaining, imaginative, disruptive to the industry (it literally changed how movies opened) and inspiring that I've seen before or since.

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