Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight ★½

This HBO movie billed as a horror comedy has some decent gore and effects, but feels like it overstays its welcome, It isn't really scary or funny, which is my main beef with most horror-comedy hybrids. They don't go far enough one way or the other. I'd rather have a comedy with horror monsters like Zombieland, that doesn't try to take itself too seriously than this movie which seems to want to be scary and isn't.

Maybe if it had been just the subtitle, without the Tales from The Crypt -- and the added Cryptkeeper, it would have put me on a different mental path, but as it is, it feels like a padded episode of an anthology show. I like these anthology show movies to have a multiple story format. If they can't, then they should just be a standalone movie. Not saying this type of experiment can never work, but it just didn't work here for me.

Just couldn't ever get fully immersed in the story. Have tried watching it several times over the years until today when I finally reached the ending. I really liked the opening bathtub scene, but for me it's all downhill from there. Not recommended.