Tetsuo: The Iron Man ★★★★

Released about the same time as STNG The Borg (and very coincidental in the horror aspect of what The Borg do, but totally different movie), Japanese filmmaker Shinya Tsukamado flirted with a man who mutates into a metal creature. Billed on WikIpedia as cyberpunk horror, this black and white mechanical nightmare sets a very dark and disturbing tone. Twitching, contorted bodies with weird, semi-robotic machine parts seeking to puncture flesh.

Tsukamado used parts of TVs fused into himself and other actors to create the bizarre effect. It's hypnotic and eerie, like one panicked dream scene where a woman with vacuum hose parts sodomizes the protagonist . The metal woman creature is very sexually charged, licking a hot dog from a fork with a sound like metal on metal and a man with a spinning metal drill like apparatus emerging from his crotch. I don't want to spoil any more, suffice to say this is a movie to watch in the dark but it's one of the strangest black and white films I've ever seen.

If only this movie played Black Sabbath "Iron Man" (or anything loud and aggressive by Metallica) ... alas, that type of music licensing was way beyond the budget. I'd say turn off the sound and play that yourself to the movie but the odd techno track and various metallic noises are essential to the experience. As of November 11, 2019, this is on Shudder, the horror streaming service. Yes, fellow hardcore horror fans, just watch it. I dug this bizarre little black and white gem. One of my favorites films watched on Shudder so far!