The Assignment ★★

A man wakes up in a woman's body -- literally -- in this forced gender reassigment action revenge thriller. Michelle Rodriguez plays Frank Kitchen and Tomboy, the hitman who has life changed by a surgeon who captures him and surgically changes his gender.

Can honestly say I haven't seen an action film like this before, so points for trying to be "different" but different doesn't always work. While the plot is unique, the acting from Rodriguez is often unconvincing and the character isn't very likable. That's a huge problem because we should want to feel sympathy for him/her and yet I didn't find myself liking the character and/or revenge motivations. The surgeon in an institution being interviewed plays a very wooden psycho, she's not Hannibal Lecter. Cutaway scenes to her are largely forgettable. At the end of the day, it's a mediocre effort. Too bad, because there was potential here.