The Baby ★★★½

"Baby doesn't stand, baby doesn't walk, baby doesn't talk to strangers!"

A new social worker takes on the case of Baby, a 21 year old who sleeps in a crib and is cared for by his sisters and dominant mother. The social worker suspects that Baby has more adult potential if he's challenged and worked with but Baby's mother seems to fight against allowing this inexplicably.

Weird sidenote: there is music (at about the 40 minute mark) that sounds very similar to the theme to Rocky. Since Rocky didn't come out until 1976, three years after this, it makes me wonder who borrowed from who? It's a tense moment and the music has violins pretty much by themselves. Very spooky and disturbing use of music during a dramatic scene.

The ending, although trying to be a shock twist ending seemed a bit too implausible to work for me. Weird, yes? Which fit the rest of the picture's mood, but for sheer horror, I found the scene with the babysitter early on in the movie to be more horrifying. Despite the ending, which I was just so-so on, the movie is above average and why it is considered a cult classic. It's very unique and unusual. For that alone, it's worth recommending.