The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild ★★★

The adventures of Buck the CGI dog. That sounds less exciting and interesting than it is. The collar is where you can tell the CGI is most fake, but the work on the dog CGI is much better than I thought it would be.

Video Review - just left theater (no spoilers)

Buck's story involves him being captured and sent out on a ship to become a mail carrier sled dog. Buck struggles at first but soon challenges the leader of the pack and takes over becoming a great lead sled dog, but time and technology do away with the need for sled packs delivering mail across the Yukon and Buck is awaiting a new owner.

Soon his pack is purchased by a gold prospector who wants to slave drive the pack. Enter Harrison Ford -- finally -- in the second half of the movie to rescue Buck from the gold-obsessed prospector.

I had heard that Harrison Ford was a supporting actor in this and it didn't really sink in until seeing the movie that he's not the main character. Buck the CGI dog is the star. It's a little like Sonic is the main character in the Sonic movie. I hope this isn't the future of movies where actors are computer generated. It's not that the CGI was bad, it was alright, I just would rather watch movies of real people and real animals unless it's an animated film.

Not sure I'll ever watch this again, it's not very rewatchable to me, but I did enjoy and was entertained on the first watch. Sort of met the bar for an entertaining time at the theater, but it wasn't something where I'll be telling everybody I know to rush out and see it. Recommended, yes, but with a bunch of asterisks. A much better dog movie is The Art of Racing in the Rain based on Garth Stein's book.

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