The Current War

The Current War ★★½

Did you want to learn more about the men behind the electricity powering your home?

Video Review - just left the theater (no spoilers)

It's been a long time since history class for me, but I envisioned Thomas Edison in history different than portrayed in this film.

I enjoyed getting to learn more about George Westinghouse. He comes off as benevolent inventor and businessman. I was hoping to get more of Nicola Tesla than the minimal screen time he received. Perhaps, he was a small part of the story, but he's the most interesting character to me of the three.

So, we get a good guy on the right side of business, a good guy who does some bad things and an outcast guy. Where is the "war" this film promises? Business competition that is unfriendly, but the title labeling this as war is overstated.

Watched the director's cut in the theater. Have no idea what are the differences between this and the original, so that isn't factored in at all into this review.

This held my interest and I was entertained, but didn't find anything super compelling about it. The story could have been tightened up and more of Tesla would have made the film better. His story seems almost tacked on. It's not a great film, but could have been, if the script had been better. Almost, but not recommended.

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