The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen

Matthew McConaughey is trying to cash out of his drug empire and it draws out a variety of criminals and thugs clamoring to take over. You'll see a scene where someone is murdered violently and then, ha ha, it didn't really happen that way. So some of that fake the viewer out to be clever (?) nonsense is happening.

Video Review - Just left the theater (no spoilers)

We watched this tonight and came out mostly confused and perplexed. It's a crime movie that seems to want to be a comedy in parts and there's not enough Matthew McConaughey, but he does shine with a couple catchy lines, when he gets the screen time.

I don't know if director Guy Ritchie was going for a Pulp Fiction type film or what, but it didn't work for either my wife or I. Just far too much talking and (insert violent scent) talking and talking (insert another violent scene). We were disappointed. Not recommended.

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