The Half of It ★★★½

Ellie Chu is the smart, quiet senior in high school that writes papers for the jocks to earn a few extra dollars to help pay the bills. She lives with her father, as her mother died years before. A boy approaches her to write a love letter to the hot girl in school. His love letter first attempt is terrible, so Ellie agrees to write the letter on his behalf for $50 she needs to keep their power from being turned off. This turns into her acting as a proxy between the two while their courting and Ellie herself begins to have feelings.

Engaging coming of age story with an innocence running through it exploring what "love" truly means. Not the first story that has done this, but one that explores it in a way that doesn't feel done a million times before. There are a lot of subplots, maybe too many, but it's not terribly difficult to keep them in your head if you're engaged.

Some reviewers are talking about wanting and needing part two, I guess because of the ending, but I thought the ending was fine the way it was. At the beginning of the film, the ending is telegraphed very matter of factly in Ellie's narration. If you get to the end and feel lost without it, just replay the first 10 minutes of the film again and listen for her to tell us exactly what type of story this will be. I enjoyed and recommend.

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