The Hunt

The Hunt ★★

Graphic human hunting movie involving people who wake up in the middle of a safari hunt --- for themselves. One woman emerges as the Rambo against the human safari hunters.

Video Review - Just left the theater (no spoilers)

(Note: This film is notable for being the last film we saw at Regal Cinema at the Boulder Station in Las Vegas on Monday 3/16/2020. As we were leaving after the movie, security personnel were coming in to make sure everybody was out. They were closing down until an unknown date into the future due to the coronavirus.)

People blowing up each other with grenades, land mines, hidden traps, shooting them with guns and arrows. It all sounds like the kind of movie I'd love, but it was ruined by a back and forth plot structure that uses flashbacks to explain what's happening. Compare this to A Quiet Place which doesn't explain everything and you have what could have been a good movie here, ruined by too much excuse this exposition break.

Add to that the politics of it all which were supposed to be so polarizing, but really aren't. Yes, those "deplorables" are being hunted, but wisely the filmmakers keep the politics toned down. I think all the hoopla around this was greatly exaggerated. It didn't matter what the group of people was that was being hunted, it was who was being hunted and why.

The star of the film is Betty Gilpin as Crystal. The villain is another woman, Athena, played by Hilary Swank.

The movie just isn't good. It's not terrible bad, it's just not very compelling. Not how it's told (too many flashbacks), the lack of any real character depth (we don't know much about the hunters or the hunted, other than Crystal and Athena, and even they have little depth). Consequently, the viewer doesn't really care that body parts and blood are flying. Not recommended.

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