The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley ★★★½

Elizabeth Holmes, a young entrepreneur with a goal to change how blood testing is done by using a pinprick from the finger and processing in a small machine called "Edison." She raises over $400 million in capital, gets profiled on the cover of Forbes and shoots from being worth nothing to billions. Then four years later it all comes crashing down. This is Elizabeth's story, but also one of the silicon valley techs and investors and impacted businesses that were victimized by Theranos.

Every time Holmes speaks in her monotone voice, I was thinking she was some kind of robot and not a young woman. She dresses like her idol, Steve Jobs, and was hyper-focused on changing the world through her unbelievable tech. It's a gripping story at times and you almost want to root for her vision.

The documentary is told through interviews, video snippets of corporate rah-rah meetings and so on. Directed by Alex Gibney, it's even more relevant now as Holmes is about to go on trial for fraud in July 2021 and her attorneys are fighting to keep her lavish spending and lifestyle out of court. Interestingly enough, this documentary never shows Holmes doing anything except going to work and meetings, trying to further the Theranos cause.

I enjoyed watching this and have rewatched it a couple times. It's recommended for those interested in Silicon Valley tech. I took away a star and a half because there wasn't enough about Holmes. She remains somewhat of an enigma in the documentary.