The Main Event

The Main Event ★½

Seth Carr stars as 11-year-old Leo who tries on a magical wrestling mask and gains a lower voice and super strength. A WWE sponsored event looking for talent is coming to his town with a $50,000 prize and pro wrestling contract as a surprise. He enters the contest as Kid Chaos. Real pro wrestlers are in supporting roles: The Miz, Samson and others.

Probably the weakest aspect of this movie is that none of it feels even remotely original. We've seen this story done before. Sweet little kid, his acting is decent, but not amazing. A protective motherly type in a home with a widowed parent (Sleepless in Seattle). He gains superpowers from a magical mask and he abuses those powers and alienates his friends (cliche), but we can pretty much guess where it all ends.

The wrestling is kind of cool but totally implausible. They would never let a kid this small into the cage with those hulking wrestlers. Yeah, I know they have midgets that wrestle, but they are well trained. They don't have 11-year old boys matched against adults. If you can get this severe plot fail out of your brain and just enjoy the silliness then it kind of works.

Once it ends it all feels like an all too familiar episode of a TV series that's been on for years. Like this week the writer was uninspired and just ran out some plot we've seen a hundred or more times. Everything is just kind of average or below average here adding itself up to a bad movie that's not recommended.

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