The Natural

The Natural ★★★★

Robert Redford plays an amazingly talented baseball player named Roy Hobbs. He makes his own bat from a tree hit by lightning, but his real strength is his pitching talent. He takes a bet that he can strike out "The Whammer" that is a bad knockoff of Babe Ruth. He succeeds and a strange woman on a train meets him in his room only to shoot him in the abdomen. Fast forward to 16 years later and Hobbs finally makes it to a minor league team the Knights, only now he's and aging hitter, not a pitcher. From there he creates magic with his bat as he works to earn another chance at playing the big game.

As far as baseball games, this is one of the better ones, certainly up there with Fields of Dreams. It's a little too dreamy in parts and I think not being part of a recognizable MLB farm system disrupts the dreaminess of it all. Robert Redford turns in a fantastic, highly skilled performance. I believed he was one of the greatest hitters to play the game. Not the greatest, though, which again sort of disrupted the overall vision of the film. Don't get me wrong, I really liked this film a lot and recommend it, there are just more than a few nagging things about it that didn't make this as revered for me as it is for some others.

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