The Photograph

The Photograph ★★½

Michael is a reporter who meets curator Mae, sparks fly and he asks her out to dinner. Mae's mother died from cancer and left behind two letters. One for Mae, the other for her father.

Video Review just left theater (no spoilers)

From the trailer I thought this might be about Mae learning a bunch of things about her mother she didn't know from a photograph. When this started and a line was read from the letter another cool thought occurred to me: will this be a new revelation as she pours through the letter?

It didn't really work to either of my expectations. For a romance there has to be chemistry and the two leads definitely have some chemistry. I wanted to see them get together. Kara is more of an expert on romance movies than me and she labeled it standard Lifetime movie fare. I was a bit surprised when she agreed with me on the rating. If you like serious romances with a bit of mystery and enjoy many flashbacks, you should see this in the theater, otherwise wait and catch it on streaming.

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