The Plagues of Breslau ★★★

The opening scene is pretty effective for shock value: a body found sewn up inside a cow hide? I mean, WTF?! The sun shrinks the hide and then crushes the human being inside? Yeah, that's gruesome. And coming from a guy who has loved horror for 40+ years, this one grabbed my attention immediately.

Unfortunately from there, the woman police detective actions are a bit puzzling at times. She seems a little bit too much Sherlock Holmes at times. This is no Clarice Starling, although I must admit there was a Jodie Foster vibe making me think this Polish thriller was playing at least a little homage to Silence of the Lambs Alas, there is no fiendish Hannibal playing cat and mouse, it's just the detective and the corpses,piling up.

This one caught me a bit by surprise. It earns three stars for the way it blended genres, perhaps not even intentionally so. Recommended for fans of detective vs. serial killer thrillers, just prepare to be a bit disappointed by the mystery solving aspect of it.

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