The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons Movie ★★★½

Stephen King's Under The Dome meets The Simpsons in the full length movie with all your favorite characters in action. Grandpa Simpson warns of impending doom in the church. There is an issue with too much pollution. Homer saves a pig from being killed but he puts all the waste in a silo behind the house. Marge tells him to get rid of the waste. Homer being Homer decides to dump the waste in an already polluted river, bringing on a full toxic situation. The EPA swoops in and condemns Springfield to live under a dome. Once Marge and the rest of the town realize the dome is Homer's fault, they run them out of town .. to Alaska.

This has comedic gold moments and reminded me at times of what it was like in the early programming days of The Simpsons TV show. The back half of the movie is less interesting than the first, especially when Homer goes out on his own for a too long portion. The Simpsons are strongest when they are together and the side stories of various townsfolks are involved. Here it's more about Homer's path to redemption.

We've seen this storyline done better in a 30 minute TV episode, but it's still very much recommended. Maybe once the long running TV show goes off the air, we'll get sequel that pulls out all the stops. This one feels a bit like they were recycling some ideas due to time constraints. At the time they were also working on the TV show, too, so the process of double duty might not have given us their best effort.

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