The Turning

The Turning ½

A young woman visits a house to help tutor two rich children. Of course one of the children, the teenage boy, acts creepy towards her. When we finally get to why deep in the constipated bowels of the movie, we're too bored to even care.

Video Review - just left the theater (no spoilers)

This is one of those terrible horrible movies where you want to yell at the main character: "why are you staying in this?! LEAVE!"

Should have known we were in trouble when the 75+ person theater on a Friday night the weekend it opens and we're the only two there.

Turning is just the worst kind of horror trope-a-thon you can imagine. Filled with cliches, poorly scripted and paced. Ghostly faces in the shadows, spiders, haunted house, an unruly child influenced by a vengeful presence and so on.

Don't waste your time, money or energy bothering to watch this in the theater, on streaming, anywhere.

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