The Two Popes ★★★½

Anthony Hannibal Lecter Hopkins as the Holy Father? Yes, he's good. It surprised me how engrossed I was in this film about essentially two high ranking religious features trading news of retirement. The drama comes from Hopkins sizzling portrayal of Pope Benedict XVI. It's a biographical drama based on the play, The Pope and features Jonathan Price as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the future Pope Francis.

The interplay between the two religious giants is done really, really well. I thought this would be a snorefest, but it wasn't. Sure, there are some slow parts, but viewers get sucked into the conversations and the fate of who will become the leader of the Catholic church, even for those who know what happened. It's a little like how you knew the Titanic was going to sink in James Cameron's epic and yet you needed to know what happens to Rose and Jack. It's not that good, mind you, but it invoked similar feelings of wanting to get an ending that I already knew.

I can see why there is some award buzz around this film, but it wasn't that amazing to me. Another good Netflix original, though. Hope they keep these coming. Recommended.

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