The Waterboy

The Waterboy ★★★½

"Everything is the devil to you, Momma!" - The Waterboy

Kathy Bates as Momma Boucher (Boo-shay), with an accent familiar to what she uses later in Richard Jewell and Adam Sandler as the master of H20 trying to make sure the athletes are properly hydrated. Henry The Fonz Winkler plays the coach of a losing football team.

One day a few members of the team tease and taunt the waterboy Sandler and he goes off and tackles the player with extreme comical rage. This leads the coach to decide it would be better to have the waterboy on the team instead of only the waterboy.

It's required to check your intelligence at the door with this film and just enjoy it for the silly, stupid laughs. Sandler's movies like this are meant to be funny, not to be logical. If you can allow yourself to enjoy the film on a comical level it has some genuinely funny scenes. Recommended.

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