Titanic ★★★★½

Winner of 11 Academy Awards including Best Picture, this epic, romance adventure story should not work on paper and yet it does. I mean, who doesn't know that the great unsinkable ship, Titanic, hit an iceberg and many people aboard died? You would think a movie 3 1/4 hours long wouldn't hold viewer interest -- and yet it does.

Director, writer and producer James Cameron weaves in a fictional tale of rich vs. poor and romance aboard the maiden voyage between Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet). Jack is a poor artist and Rose is marrying begrudgingly into wealth. They meet aboard the great ship and Jack's unpolished demeanor meshes with Rose's desire for a less elegant suitor. And thus begins their brief, whirlwind romance.

Upon rewatching -- something I've done a few times since seeing it in the theaters originally -- this movie is probably 30 minutes on the longer side than it truly needed to be, which is why I'm taking away a half star. This isn't helped by multiple storylines. There are essentially three primary storylines running concurrently: Jack & Rose relationship, the diver's curiosity in the current disposition of the expensive blue diamond necklace and the older Rose telling the story (she's the primary narrator of the story) and, finally, the historical story of the ship striking the iceberg and sinking.

The music and sound, including the title track"My Heart Goes On" by Celine Dion compliments the film in every way. The cinematography is breathtaking, especially the underwater shots and pictures above the luxurious ship.

Until James Cameron's Avatar this was #1 for box office sales, only to be beaten slightly in 2019 by Avengers: Endgame. Cameron is hoping to see his Avatar sequels or the original reclaim the #1 title when an inevitable re-issue happens in 2021. Since both are owned by Disney, who knows which one will be "king of the world!" Highly recommended for epic romance, historical fans of the Titanic and excellent acting and entertaining story.

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