Trick 'r Treat ★★★½

"It stinks like a dead whore out here!" - old man from story #4

Four Halloween-themed horror tales in this anthology movie with each having a cameo boy a small figure dressed in a burlap sack and mask.

Story #1: A fat kid who smashes pumpkins is taught an important Halloween horror lesson. Starts the stories off on a spooky note. Always check your candy, people.
Story #2: Group of trick-or-treaters meet a strange fate. A bit hackneyed plot-wise, but passable.
Story #3: A bonfire run by a bunch of sexy women sporting the two T's: tits and torture. Nasty, brutal horror fun.
Story #4: A bookend of the first story presented with more on the tainted candy being passed out by the character Kreeg.

In all, this is a solid anthology with one story (#3) that has some genuine scares and some gross-out and gore. Definitely watchable on/near/around Halloween. Recommended.