Trolls World Tour

Trolls World Tour ★★½

With an inspiring "Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun" song, the second adventure begins with a story from Poppy's father about the six strings of different types of music that the rock string faction of trolls want to unite the world by stealing the other five strings. Poppy and Branch are on a quest to stop this from happening. Ozzy Osbourne mumble voices the wheelchair father of rock.

The idea sounds crazy good entertaining, but does the execution match the idea? Um, sort of. My favorite parts are when the rock trolls were railing against the other types of music, as they believe rock should be the only music any trolls should celebrate.

The music should be the centerpiece of a movie like this, but I didn't care for a number of the rock troll versions. What on earth did they do to "Crazy Train" and "Rock You Like a Hurricane"?! The country, techno and pop music were much better. They should not have done covers, they should have kept the original rock and roll tunes.

At the end of the day, our grandchildren enjoyed it and it would have been a recommended, although barely recommended, theater going experience.

Is it worth $22 after tax on VOD? If you have kids that want to watch it over and over again, yes, sure. For other, probably better uses of that money for folks right now. If you have the discretionary money and love animated movies, this is an easier yes, but I'd sooner recommend subscribing to Disney+ where you can see better animated movies. Even newer ones like Onward and Frozen 2. Just an OK animated movie at the end of the day. I'm grateful that they released this movie, as it is uplifting at this time especially.

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