6+ miles beneath the sea - nitpick: the advertising all says 7 miles and yet none of the locations in the movie are ever actually *7* miles -- and Kristen Stewart's character almost immediately feels dripping water. With the massive pressure at that depth on the ocean floor we're cinematically plunged inside an aluminum can under the weight of a hydraulic press.

Video Review - Just left the theater (no spoilers)

We never get to know any of the six characters in this story. I mean, barely any of their backgrounds or much to do with their interactions with each other and their differences. The characters were interchangeable. Yeah, sure, there is a guy who carries around a stuffed animal bunny and cracks jokes, including one about how Kristen Stewart is "flat chested" but the characterization in this film is sorely lacking.

Then we get to the acting, and maybe some of this can be blamed on the script, but it's all wooden and nondescript. Some really terrible lines uttered with about as much emotion as watching a fish swim around in a tank. Seriously, I've been more interested in aquariums than watching most of this film.

So our characters in peril are moving from boring about to be crushed underwater location to location, with very little fantastic scenery -- I mean, why isn't there more color in the marine world at the bottom of the ocean? It's all dull, single colors. Where is the imagination? The wonder? The amazing setting of creativity in a world completely foreign is devoid of any visual excitement.

The sound is deafening at times. I mean loud, pounding, aggressive. It's like being in a mosh pit and yet doesn't even match up with what's happening on the screen sometimes.

This movie should be called underdeveloped. Kirsten Stewart was, dare I admit, more emotional in Charlie's Angels. Have now seen two badly acted films from her in a row. I hope her next film shows she has some kind of range beyond that same stupid smirk displayed 90% of the time.

About the only positive I can mention is this film looked like it had a decent budget, but every other aspect of this film was underwhelming.

I gave this 1.5 stars in my video just leaving the theater, but stripping away another half star as I type this because I'm disappointed that such a great setting for an exciting story was completely and utterly botched. Avoid.

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