Westworld ★★★★

"Nothing can go wrong."

We all have guilty pleasures. This movie is one of mine. It is like western meets sci-fi. It's raw and rough, not the polished films of Crichton's later works.

The late, great Michael Crichton who you probably best know for Jurassic Park and the TV show ER but has written several great thriller novels and screenplays. This one about about an amusement resort for high paying clientele run entirely by human-looking robots.

Yul Brynner is the gunslinger with the creepy eyes and somber voice, "Draw." Robocop's unmasked look reminds me of Brynner. This is very much a 70s flick, so some of the special effects, notably the opening scene where the hovercraft is landing at the resort are cheesy. The music and sound are western slapstick, which sort of goes with the zany vibe. It might be an acquired taste, but one of my most personal favorite by Crichton. Recommended.

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