Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman ★★★★½

Gal Gadot reprises the iconic live action role of Wonder Woman from Lynda Carter in the TV show. Chris Pine plays military pilot Steve Trevor, who crashes on the unusual Amazonian island. He meets Diana Prince who nurses him back to health and soon realizes she has unearthly powers. Diana seeks to return to WWII era America to find and punish the God Aries. Along the way, Steve helps Diana learn to understand and appreciate the flawed human race.

I went into this movie very skeptical that it would ever come close to the TV show I fondly remembered. Lynda Carter is an icon in this role so reprising and honoring this performance would be no easy task. Gal Gadot does that and more. I don't know if it's her accent, height, beauty, intelligence or a mixture of all, but she pulls off this role expertly. She is Wonder Woman/Diana Prince. It didn't take very long to pull me deep into this movie and I was loving every minute of it.

I'm trying to think of another female lead superhero film that even comes close to being this good and can't. Scarlett Johannson has this to measure up to with Black Widow.

Without spoiling, I'm going to take a half star away because of the ending. It's a very good dramatic ending, but there is one part with a character that didn't seem necessary. Now, with the trailer for the sequel, I'm more puzzled, but director Patty Jenkins promises it will all make sense and I'm very excited for the sequel. I'm holding this half star hostage, waiting to see WW1984 and see if the ending is more justified. Recommended.

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