You Can't Kill Stephen King

You Can't Kill Stephen King ½

Seriously, I hate this movie. It's supposed to be a "comedy, horror spoof" (according to Wikipedia) but it's not funny and it's ruins a great opportunity to be a spoof film and the only thing horror about it using the master novelist's name in vain.

Sucked in by the clickbait title (!!!sucker!!!), I wasn't expecting much about this story of a group of young adults heading to the lake by where Stephen King lives. They got the state right (Maine), I guess.

Give me Maximum Overdrive over this pile of flaming dog crap and that has been derided as being King's worst films. Just to be clear, this is NOT a Stephen King film. It's not based on any story of King's. I don't think it's based on any rejected idea. It isn't even a spoof of any Stephen King story -- of which the idea would at least be fun if it did that.

But it doesn't.

I found myself being angry that it wasted all the great opportunities to spoof so many great King stories. Instead, we get no spoofs of any of his stories. We get some lame, drive out to hang out in the woods and namedrop the horror master.

Totally unwatchable. I want my 1h23m back.

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