You've Got Mail

You've Got Mail ★★★½

There's no denying the onscreen chemistry between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in every movie they starred in together. For a romance movie this is an essential ingredient regardless if the plot is any good. You need to keep watching whether or not these two will get together, even when their characters are polar opposites.

Something else I like about this rather simplistic rom-com is how it reminds of the dial-up AOL days. When for a seemingly short time period AOL was the gateway to the internet and the voice saying "You've got mail" was a warm, friendly sound.

No, this film isn't as good as Sleepless in Seattle (still that movie in the final scene makes me well up with tears) but the overwhelming drive of this movie, of every good romance is, "will they or won't they?" Nora Ephron is sincerely missed for her uncanny ability to yank your heartstrings -- even people like me who don't get emotional very easily. When I think of the angel with the bow, the angel's face is Ephron. Recommended for nostalgic romantic types courting through outdated, yet hopelessly sentimental, technology.

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