Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★

After watching the magnum opus that is Zack Snyder's 4+ hour director's cut of Justice League, my concerns about the length have been justified. This should have been Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2. It's just too gigantic, too much happening for a single movie. You can read my original Justice League review here.

Is it better than the original theatrical version? As a single, way too long movie? No. As a more cohesive, deep character-driven story/ Absolutely. This left me exhausted but also excited to see the many improvements and gaps that were filled. Wow, talk about better fight scenes, this one is just full of epic scale and delivers. I loved the fight scenes and the final battle was even more grand and satisfying.

Great side stories for the characters that we didn't get in the Joss Whedon cut version. Should this have been the version we originally received? Not as a standalone movie, again, I think it should have been a two-parter. Where to cut it, I don't know, but that's for the filmmakers to decide. Alas, my rating will reflect a single movie, not what I wished it to be. It's 4+ stars if cut skillfully into two movies, but as one, I'm giving it less than the theatrical version.

I'm sure this will be controversial for some reading, but ask yourself who had the more difficult job? Joss Whedon who came in to finish the project and cut into a 2 hour film or Zack Snyder who could have made this 6 or more hours if he wanted. It's much easier to tell a longer story than a shorter one. Snyder earns no points from me for that.

Is the length justified based on the story. Sure it is, but I hope this doesn't start a trend of recutting 2 hour movies into 4 hour ones to sandwich in deeper storylines and better fight scenes.

It might sound like I disliked this, I didn't, but it's too long for any single movie. It's a fun superhero movie with some great special effects, it's not the greatest story ever told. By our new recommended scale of 4 stars and above only, this isn't recommended, but neither would have been the original theatrical cut.

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