• Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife


    Doesn't have as much camp and humor as the original Ghostbusters movie, but is a more than compelling mystery involving an excellent cast of both youth and experienced actors. Add in some cool CGI effects and some awesome (more than) cameos and this movie has everything a sequel of a beloved original should have.

    What it lacks with a living Harold Ramis, it makes up with heart and dedication. Definitely go see this one if you loved the original and keep an open mind. It's really, really good.

  • King Richard

    King Richard


    Tennis and golf are fun to play, but boring to watch. This movie about the Williams sisters as their father Richard coached them early, protecting them and nurturing their talent is inspirational and gripping. Will Smith does a great job as King Richard, the dad who chases greatness for his daughters against a system of normal path to success on the tennis circuit.

    This along with Ali might be among Will Smith's best film work. He embraces the role and…

  • Rocky IV

    Rocky IV


    It isn't often that I revisit director's cuts of sequels, but just like I felt with Doctor Sleep's extended version, I think tje changes Stallone made here improved upon the original movie.

    Downsides: the acting in most of these added clips is uninspired. It is like they ran through the takes and knew they wouldnt ve used. This is really obvious in the scene with Apollo and Rocky outside talking about the upcoming exhibition fight.

    Also, some alternate dialog takes…

  • Dune



    Don't know what it is about the movie adaptation of this excellent novel, but none of them have done it for me, including this one. It looks fantastic, has great costume design, sound effects but has dreadful pacing.

    All the drama behind the scenes over whether or not this should have been released on streaming? For us, it matters neither way.

    We caught the 3D version of this and not a lot of 3D either. The overall reviews from others…

  • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

    Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

    A pipe smoking Santa Claus kidnapped by martians that look like Batman from the '66 TV series. Stock footage, tribal music oddly mixed with military jingles. Oh my.

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    No matter how many sequels they make to the original 1978 movie, they always seem to miss what made that film so special. Ambience. Even the mask, which didn't look as fancy as it does in every sequel except the third movie, which had nothing to do with serial killer Michael Myers.

    First, the good in this movie is it has probably the best title of any in the series. Laurie Strode is back, but then she's been in several…

  • The Campaign

    The Campaign


    Will Ferrell plays Cam Brady, an overconfident congressman who is running on the ticket unopposed until the Motch brothers (Dan Akyroyd and John Lithgow) put weird, but lovable Marty Huggins (Zach Galifianakis) in the running. And so begins a sometimes hilarious back and forth rivalry between the two polar comedic opposites.

    Love how Ferrell goes off in his role and lampoons political campaigns, but there isn't enough of that Stepbrothers-style wackiness to keep this comedy afloat for the entire length…

  • Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre

    Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre

    Direct to video TV movies which are quite obviously from the cheesy vein of Sharkanado are like the "horror" equivalent of reality TV. Yeah, that's not a compliment, so why waste any time watching films like this? Because there is just something entertaining in watching Traci Lords -- yes, *that* Traci Lords who was an underage porn star now acting in a, cough, legit movie as fiery, show my cleavage, police TV detective.

    My major complaint with this movie is:…

  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage

    Venom: Let There Be Carnage


    More Eddie Brock + Venom, the ultimate black goo alien with a guttural voice that borders on annoying more than humorous. Here there are extended scenes detailing the interaction between Brock and Venom, with neither seeing eye to eye. Venom is perpetually hungry, Brock is lonely for his girlfriend that is getting married to another man.

    The standout character is Carnage, played by Woody Harrelson. We kind of get a backstory love affair with Carnage and Shriek and Carnage's inner…

  • No Time to Die

    No Time to Die


    2 hours 43 minutes. Goldfinger by comparison, the gold standard of Bond films to date was almost an hour shorter. The intro scene which took 5 minutes in Goldfinger takes like 30 minutes here. Then we get that long, breathy theme song, which is one of the stronger points of the whole affair.

    If you like Daniel Craig Bond, you'll have a good amount to enjoy here. He's not my Bond, unfortunately, and while I enjoyed parts of this movie,…

  • The Addams Family 2

    The Addams Family 2


    Took our grandchildren to see this last weekend. Was expecting it to be worse than the first, but was a bit surprised that it had a somewhat meaty story primarily focused on the dark, dreary daughter Wednesday. Is she a real daughter of the Addams or does she belong to another family?

    A somewhat weighty topic for kids, but our grandchildren seemed to like the movie. The animation was fuzzy but still seemed better than the first one. It's unusual…

  • Superhost



    Kind of liked how this blended what seemed like two travel vloggers with an obsessed woman who wants to be her own social media vlog host sensation. It's a little like The Fan on steroids, only instead of Wesley Snipes, it's a couple that is about to get married meeting a very odd host of a house they are checking out.

    This is the kind of Shudder horror movie I like watching. It's not a great movie, not even very…