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  • The Guard from the Underground

    The Guard from the Underground


    RIP Ren Osugi. The sparsest Kiyoshi Kurosawa I’ve seen, with a meager budget and only one location, he’s still able to infuse the film with a singular mood. Starting a new job is so stressful!

  • Él



    Having watched Lubitsch’s Trouble in Paradise the same day as El proved to be very fruitful. El is the flip side, where Lubitsch’s character prove to be so moral, El’s protagonist is in complete diametric opposition. Here is the nightmare of a man with a fixed ideal, a dangerous ideal society supports and encourages. Is there a film that convinces us to such a great extent that we should raise our consciousness and strive to understand the world by its…

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  • Pulse



    Honestly, one of the few absolutely perfect films in existence

  • Nomad



    Wow, it's been a while since I've seen a film that left me this exhilarated.

    As radical as those most essential french and japanese new wave films that mix youthful sexual desire with urgent political strife. For just a little while these youngsters, a mix of social classes, achieve a blissful utopia only to have it destroyed in the most sudden and violent manner. And yet there's another side to this film, that unconventional HK flavor that's hard to describe.…