Nomad ★★★★★

Wow, it's been a while since I've seen a film that left me this exhilarated.

As radical as those most essential french and japanese new wave films that mix youthful sexual desire with urgent political strife. For just a little while these youngsters, a mix of social classes, achieve a blissful utopia only to have it destroyed in the most sudden and violent manner. And yet there's another side to this film, that unconventional HK flavor that's hard to describe. Its full of wonderful quirks that make this film borderline surreal. In some ways it almost resembles the work of some of my favorite directors like Rivette or Ruiz. Japanese assassins, Red Army conspiracies, that mysterious ship named Nomad, the ghost of Louis' mom evoked by Beethoven's 5th. Especially those moments with Kathy and her japanese ex-lover on board the nomad, the way she proclaims her love for Pong, all those complex feeling and ideas reaching a climax, she's an all time great character.

Feel so blessed that something so wild like this actually exists and I'm excited to see more from Patrick Tam.

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