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  • Beyond the Black Rainbow

    Beyond the Black Rainbow


    Came to this one after watchng the fantastic Mandy last night. Turns out Panos Cosmatos is no one hit wonder. Beyond th Black Rainbow is an absolutely beautiful film. Lots of similarities between this and Mandy. They may even take place in the same universe. Cosmatos is a genius when it comes to being abstract and super engaging at the same time. A lot of credit needs to be given to the score and the editing. It's slow paced but you will never get bored. Cosmatos has put himself on my must see list.

  • Mandy



    Totally blown away. Easily the best film of the year and possibly the greatest horror film of all time. Every little detail is absolutely beautiful. Start to finish is a mesmerizing tale of love, loss, disappointment, carnage, destiny, and probably a dozen more themes that aren't immediately apparent. Cage is fantastic in this. Best performance I have seen him give in years. The visual style is superb. Truly makes you feel like you are living in the fantasy. The music…

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  • Batman Ninja

    Batman Ninja


    You're enjoyment of this film will come down to two things. First off you need to like Batman, obviously. Secondly you need to have an appreciation for Japanese artistic sensibilities. They go all in on the concept of this film. I thought the end result was fantastic. Before I talk about anything else, I need to talk about the animation. It is absolutely beautiful. Without a doubt the best looking DC animated film. One of the best looking animated films…

  • Alien



    I have now seen this movie 4 or 5 times. The last 2 times are fairly recently with the last time being last night. My opinion is based solely on the Director's Cut. 

    The set design is nearly perfect. The crew being on a beat up cargo ship is 100% believable. Not only is it believable, every room on the ship is interesting. Every corner is detailed. 

    The crew is wonderfully cast. The entire cast gives top notch performances. Except…