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  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot


    Rosamund Pike gives a chilling performance as professional caregiver Marla Grayson. It’s well directed and pops visually, but you might struggle to find a character to root for.

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  • Waiting...



    Waiting... is a comedy that follows the screwball staff of a Shenaniganz restaurant during their typical night shift. The humor is crude and doesn't always land, but there's something endearing about the untapped potential of Justin Long's character. Aside from that storyline however, this movie is nothing but a string of raunchy jokes. The movie ends on a high note, with John Francis Daley quitting after his first day and frantically highlighting everyone's glaring character flaws. It's a glorious moment in an otherwise forgettable movie. I give it a C.

  • Her



    Spike Jonze delivers an emotional look at society and our relationships in the not too distant future. Exceptional acting from Joaquin Phoenix and voice acting from Scarlett Johansson. Visually stunning color pallet and beautiful soundtrack. This high concept sci-fi will tug on your heartstrings and inspire you to live in the moment!

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  • The Fifth Element

    The Fifth Element


    Luc Besson does an excellent job building this futuristic world and laying a unique story over it. The originality alone makes this a splendid sci-fi adventure, but the great direction and cast is also a resounding bonus.

  • Legend



    Legend follows an evil demon's plot to create an eternal night and a hero's quest to restore balance to the world. It's a short movie with great practical special effects. There are hints of great filmmaking techniques from Ridley Scott, but overall this fantasy adventure is dull and dated.