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  • Uncut Gems
  • Vanilla Sky
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Do the Right Thing

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  • American Hustle

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  • Reservoir Dogs

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  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch

    “These were his people.”

    A terrific continuation of what I’ve decided to dub the “Pynchon phase” of Anderson’s career. Since Moonrise Kingdom, his films have grown more and more driven by the creation of hyper-specific in-film universes marked by (1) an almost absurd attention to esoteric detail, (2) the strong influence of 20th century history and pop culture, and (3) a deep overarching sense of world-weariness. This just might be his most Pynchonesque work yet: packed like a dense star…

  • R.E.M. Road Movie

    R.E.M. Road Movie

    I   L O V E   Y O U

    R.E.M.—aka my absolute favorite band of all time, ever—just released a 25th-anniversary deluxe remastered edition of 1994’s excellent Monster. The reissue has given me a much deeper appreciation of a record I’d always underrated—not exactly an easy listen, to be sure, but it’s still some of their best and most strangely beautiful work. In that spirit, I figured I’d finally give this overlooked nugget from the Monster-adjacent era (a major contender for the band’s…

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  • American Hustle

    American Hustle

    Comes surprisingly close at several points to pulling off the Scorsese picture it so, so, SO desperately wishes it was but let’s not shit ourselves—this is nothing more than The Most Important Actors of 2013 playing a very expensive game of dress-up

  • Reservoir Dogs

    Reservoir Dogs

    “You’ll find me a different character down there.”

    Man, how good is Lawrence Tierney in this? One of the all-time great face-like-a-boiled-ham actors playing a hardened career criminal who’s also kinda just a big softie—the bit where he chastises the Dogs for joking around too much while planning the heist and then apologizes for “hollering” at them is extremely charming and sort of reminds me of my grandfather?

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  • Flight of the Conchords: Live in London

    Flight of the Conchords: Live in London

    🎶 They used to be slayin’ and slayin’ and slayin’, and now they’re gayin’ and gayin’ and gayin’

    All my love and respect to queer icons Stana and Anats.

  • Love & Peace

    Love & Peace

    “Love leaves destruction in his wake!”

    Sion Sono has quite the imagination. I’ve only seen two of his films—this and 2008’s Love Exposure—but the latter is a major favorite of mine, a 4-hour thrill ride that mixes religion, sex, mental illness, rock ‘n roll and Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion into a demented romcom stew. So naturally, I expected to dig Rabu & Pîsu just as much.

    Verdict: Man, I loved so much of what this wanted to be about but was…