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  • The Wrestler

    The Wrestler


    Excited to announce that I've just joined the writing staff over at MovieBabble and my first piece there will be a 10th-anniversary retrospective on this very, very good film! Coming soon!

  • Mandy



    “In the real world, definitions of good and evil are rarely cut-and-dry, and all too often goodness is trampled upon while evil fails to receive its just reward. As such, stories of faith ought to show the faithful audience what they’re really up against in their fight to carry out holy lives in the midst of a wicked world. Mandy – a narrative crawling with drug abuse, attempted rape, murder, misogyny and pyromania – certainly fits that description. Its visually-arresting…

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  • Sexy Beast

    Sexy Beast


    Seems to me like the real Sexy Beast was the enemies we made along the way

  • Hi, Mom!

    Hi, Mom!


    Ever wanted to see what would happen if Jean-Luc Godard had hijacked the set of Annie Hall and held Woody Allen at knifepoint? Here’s your movie. It’s actually kind of cute how some films made after 1970 have the audacity to call themselves “dark comedies” when this exists.

    There’s an alternate universe out there where De Niro became De Palma’s go-to star instead of Scorsese’s and I want to live there.

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  • Flight of the Conchords: Live in London

    Flight of the Conchords: Live in London


    🎶 They used to be slayin’ and slayin’ and slayin’, and now they’re gayin’ and gayin’ and gayin’

    All my love and respect to queer icons Stana and Anats.

  • Juno



    “I think pregnancy is beautiful.”
    “Oh, you’re lucky it’s not you.”

    This holds up far, far better than a Jason Reitman-directed mid-00s indie teen sex comedy has any right to. Ellen Page and Michael Cera deserve the world.