Southland Tales

Southland Tales

“America is a bisexual nation in denial!”

“Did I just see two cars porkin’ each other?”

The Magnolia to Donnie Darko’s Boogie Nights: somehow simultaneously a continuation, culmination and abandonment of everything Kelly concocted with his debut. He drenches his distrust of government agencies and his fascination with unnatural phenomena in an unholy amalgam of energy drinks and oceanic superserum until they morph into a glorious release of pent-up anger in the waning days of the second (fourth?) Bush administration, baptized in the sheen of mid-‘00s internet culture. Suggests that democratic society operates entirely on a combination of ulterior motives and blind chance. Underground political movements are just as full of shit as the governments they [hashtag]resist, pop stars and eccentric character actors run everything, and we’re all going to die. In other words, it’s the ultimate 4th of July movie.

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