Strange Frame: Love & Sax

Strange Frame: Love & Sax ★★★★

“…are you dreaming?”
“We are that we dream, my love, and I’m more wide awake now than I’ve ever been.”

Woah!! Queer psychedelic Afrofuturist uncanny-valley space-jazz opera, complete with commentary on systemic brutalization of Black bodies and art as personal expression vs. commodity. A full 90 minutes’ worth of some of the most lush, gorgeously textured/layered animation in the medium’s history—almost reminds me of something I’d catch on HBO Family c.2000 at 3am, though not nearly as kid-friendly. Equal parts terrifying and transcendent, goofy and sincere; such a stunning experience that I’m willing to forgive the rather on-the-nose homages to Star Wars and 2001. Claudia Black, Tim Curry and Cree Summer turning in some first-rate voice work here. We should absolutely be talking more about this.

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