The Invisible Guest

The Invisible Guest ★★

I've seen this movie on Netflix after seeing its high rating on IMDb and more or less I understand why many people liked it so much, I think because of its many twist but, honestly, I disagree with the general opinion.
What I always expect, before watching a thriller, is the tension and involvement and these two requirements to judge a thriller as good, this movie does not have them.
The problems I have encountered are really many, especially in the script, that is a particularly important aspect in such a movie, which is unlikely and with some absurd parts; There are too many ingenuity that destroy the paper castle that the film tries to create, the dialogs are in part mediocre, the twist are too many, the most forced and some are rather predictable, for this in the final part I found myself a little disoriented and confused, then the last shot is really unbelievable.
Also the rhythm is discontinuous, at some points it is stretched while in others it is too slow. It has never been able to entertain me and to engage me, indeed I find it often boring.
The director gave me the feeling of seeing an episode of a low-level crime series while the interpretations did not completely satisfy me. The soundtrack is trivial and can not create the right atmosphere.

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