Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★

"Indiana Jones. I always knew some day you'd come walking back through my door."

There are very few movies that I feel like I can truly escape into, where the world around me completely vanishes and I feel like I'm going on a REAL adventure with the characters on my screen. Raiders of the Lost Ark gives me that escapism, it's such a comfy feeling that makes my heart feel almost as warm as the jungle looks.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is a true old style adventure full of mishaps and booze - yet it somehow feels completely timeless. From the very first scene in the jungle you just know you're watching something special. Movies don't feel more classic then watching Indiana run for his life from a bolder - a golden idol in his hand. It's a movie that you can feel comfortable recommending to basically anyone and feel like they'll come out loving it.

Harrison Ford isn't exactly a Daniel Day Lewis or Robert DeNiro, but he's still in my top three favorite actors and this movie shows off why. Indiana Jones is a loveable lead that has so many fun quirks to him that make him feel different from other action heroes - a bit of a clumsy booksmart archaeologist with a massive fear of snakes. He's a charismatic arrogant hero that just feels human, and he has a nice face to boot!

Karen Allen as Marion is amazing as well, playing the perfect love interest for Indy - while also being so much more then that. From her introduction in the bar you know she's not going to be the typical damsel you would see in these movies back in old days - she isn't afraid to call out Indys shit and can drink anybody out of the room. She manages to hold her own the whole movie and is easily one of my favorite strong female characters. I'm always surprised to see Karen Allen hasn't been in more projects, I can't deny that the 2008 movie did one good thing by bringing her back.

The action is obviously another massive highlight, mixing in great with the grand set pieces and cinematography. Nothing is more satisfying then seeing Indy beat up some Nazis while the iconic score plays. Everyone talks about Temple of Doom for the violence, but it's pretty wild here too - head explosions!!

Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the most iconic movies ever made for a reason. It hits almost everything off the clipboard to be a mainstream blockbuster, and it's all pulled off in such a charming full of life way. Steven Spielberg really was one of the very best at a time and his movies deserve to be rewatched for many decades to come. He reminds me why I never want the movie theater to completely go away. I miss the excitement of a summertime blockbuster on a big screen that just feels so much larger than life. It's just true movie magic.

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