In the Heights

In the Heights ★★★½

Definitely a Big Summer Movie, which was nice to see in a theater again. I'm a big fan of the stage show and have listened to the cast album so many times, which is why this was so frustrating. There were moments that were really lovely (I cried through about 4 songs), and that was usually because they were more scaled back and emotionally focused. A lot of the rest was just trying so hard to be a giant spectacle and use Movie Magic to the detriment of the story and it took me out of it. Big exuberant dance numbers are one thing and fit into this story, but not the weird animations and dancing on walls. And some of the choices they made in terms of moving the story around seemed unnecessary and it definitely could have been tightened up because it started to drag after Carnivale. The woman who played Nina was fine, but honestly her voice was a let down after listening to the OBCR all these years; it just wasn't strong enough :/. BUT the rest of the cast was good, especially Anthony, and I had a fun time despite my qualms. Jon Chu just needed to pull it back and focus less on the Movie of it all, ya know?

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