Satan's Blood

Satan's Blood ★★★

While on holiday, Andy and Anne bump into one of Andy's old college classmates and his wife. Even though he has no recollection of this man, they decide to join them for drinks at his house.

I really like this movie, but it could've been soo much better! How you might ask? If the filmmakers actually kept this movie a little mysterious and didn't give the movie away by the title, and by the beginning introduction.

The movies name is Satan's Blood, and in the beginning of the movie a man comes on the screen discussing Satanism and how some professor of the occult helped with the making of the movie. They then show a re-enactment of some sort of satanic sacrifice. Then the movie begins as I wrote in my synopsis. Now, after watching, the professor's testimony, seeing the fake ritual murder, and knowing the title of this movie, you automatically assume that this strange couple are satanists! And what a shock! They are!

I can't help but think that if they didn't give away the entire movie, it would've been a nice surprise to find out that they were satanists.

And I stand corrected. In my Witchboard review, I stated it was my favorite Ouija board movie. I totally forgot that this movie uses a Ouija board in it. So Satan's Blood is my favorite Ouija board movie, and Witchboard is the worst now.

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