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  • The Addiction

    The Addiction


    Lili Taylor ASMR

  • Working Girls

    Working Girls


    Ms. Lizzie Borden, back at it again with the definition of hot girl shit. I picked this movie up as a blind buy during the recent criterion sale this month and I’m honestly so happy I did. As the follow-up to her queer dystopian feminist mockumentary, Born in Flames, Borden’s Working Girls is a funny, sincere, and empathetic narrative that’s centered around a young woman named Molly and her co-workers who happen to do business out of a Manhattan Bordello. Working…

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  • Society



    The way Bill is shot like a vulnerable final girl/heroine in this scene >

  • The Landlord

    The Landlord


    Lord, Lord, Lord

    Crazy to think that this film is over 50 years old now. Even crazier to also think about just how relevant so much of this films content still is too. Says so much about gentrification, colorism, racism, misogynoir, class, and performative white liberal bullshit. In some ways it’s a story if it’s time but in others it feels so timeless. It’s sharp writing and wry wit in tandem with the all around great performances from the main cast (seriously, I can’t think of a single weak link!) makes this is a must-watch.

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  • Smooth Talk

    Smooth Talk


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    Ok, Groomer

    It’s nearly 3 a.m. as I type this but after seeing this movie I just had to say something. Smooth Talk is a coming-of-age story with a dark undercurrent that lingers throughout the movie’s runtime until it pokes it’s head out in the third act. Connie (Dern) is a teenager trying to navigate her burgeoning sexuality, friendships, and often alienating relationship with her immediate family. On top of all the struggles that come with being a teenager she…

  • Don't Worry Darling

    Don't Worry Darling

    Don’t watch it Darling. The hair on the women looked very good but this takes itself so seriously while being so shamelessly derivative and unoriginal with not much extra to add. It’s licensed music choices are so uninspired and it’s soundtrack is so try-hard and fucking grating. So damn lame.