Brown Sugar ★★★

#52FilmsByPOC 2019 pt. 33.

What exactly is Dre's job with the label supposed to be? He's an A&R who is also sort of a producer who is also sort of an engineer? Good on him for bouncing since they surely were not paying him enough to pull triple duty.

Anyway if you love hiphop like this movie does, it's charming and delightful all the way through. If not, it's a bit underwritten and sloppy, only has enough story for half a movie and instead tries to tell the same story twice. Yasiin is the best part of this, like he usually is, and is almost singlehandedly responsible for the com in this rom.

Oh, and that boxing scene? Sanaa Lathan has zero hands. Nicole Ari Parker has all the hands.

P.S. Poor Cashis, he was "on the cusp" for literally like 15 years.

Cf. One Day