Terror Is a Man ★★★

#52FilmsByPOC 2019 pt. 44.

Look, to me the '50s monster movie is an engine of simple pleasures, and I typically assess these films based on the ratio of cool monster action to boring white guys standing around in rooms talking. This one saves its monster reveal for the last 12 minutes, sadly since it's a very good monster makeup, and leans heavy on particularly boring white dudes talking in rooms.
But then I fucked up and looked at some reviews before writing my own, which I try not to do, and saw Marna Larsen's review, and now I feel like I need to rewatch or at least reassess. Of course the wife is the real protagonist. The feminist reading is right there up front, but it rode right in my blind spots the whole movie. Terror is a Man--fucking duh.

Still I didn't love it but I'm so glad Marna and others do.

Cf. The Killer Shrews

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