Millennium Actress ★★★★½

I am very intruiged by how each new development in the film builds on everything else the film has shown us prior, as the audience we are seemlessly jumping inbetween time. Satoshi Kon truly has it with time, he doesn't just tell an entire life story in a movie, he does it in less than 90 min. and the one chance encounter that is the focal point of it all truly cuts deep to me because it reminds me of all those fleeting moments when everything else around you vanishes.

Perhaps this is the antithesis to a film like Kieslowski's Blind Chance where we are shown 3 possible lives, one fulfilled, this film shows us a dozen of lives, none fulfilled. But while in Kieslowski's film the outcome of the game of chance (reaching the train) is what changes it all, here the chance encounter stays the same and everything else around it changes constantly. Chiyoko Fujiwara is much like Jack in the Shining an archetype, a character that always reappears throughout time.

I wish Kon was still around.