Interview with the Vampire ★★½

I hate it when I have to correct a movie to a lower rating after watching it again a few years later.
First of all I have to say I haven’t read the Ann Rice books and I don’t intend to do so.
So, Interview with the Vampire … what can I say about it? Maybe that this is the start of the sickness eventually leading to Twilight? I think Edward must be the unwanted child of Louis and Tinker Bell.
To describe it with Lestats words: „Whining coward of a vampire”. This is exactly what this movie is about.
Now to get things in order:
I really like the costumes and the setting. It’s dark and it fits perfect to the vampire theme.
Most of the actors are quite good. Tom Cruise gives a very convincing performance as evil vampire though I prefer the Lestat played by Stuart Townsend. Kirsten Dunst as child vampire is amazing and frightening and she acts much better than years later in Spider-Man. Brad Pitt is a disappointment. It’s one of the roles that made him famous and his acting is not convincing at all. There is nothing but a guess that this guy will play roles like Tyler Durden only a few years later.
What really bothers me is the main character. Louis is whining all through the movie. I know what the intention is: To show the struggle between staying human and the nature of the beast. And to be fair the beast is shown! Not like in Twilight. But it’s not done well here either. It’s more like listening to a teenage girl complaining about being fat.
And we hear the same dialoges over and over again so the 118 minutes the movie has feel like at least 3 hours.
The supporting characters are like a mix between the classic vampires and the Twilight-Vampires. Some vampires are whiny pathetic creatures, some are still the old school: Dark, intelligent and frightening … as I said I really like Lestat. He is so much more interesting than Louis. A fact that even the author realized – as far as I know - as the following books (including Queen of the Damned) are from Lestats point of view.
And there are incredible plotholes in this one …
Why do vampires have to sleep in coffins? Yes, they are vulnerable to sunlight but can’t they sleep in a dark room as well?
Each vampire drinks 2 or 3 people dry per night? And Lestat likes to hunt in the high society? Hard to believe that this goes unnoticed. Very hard to believe.
Why do vampire have long hair? Und why does it regrow to one exact length?
And what’s this scene with Louis and Lestat near the end? Why is Lestat so different there compared to the rest of the movie? Is it a trick? Is it false memory of Louis?
But the one thing that really pissed me off in this movie was Louis insulting Bram Stoker with calling Dracula „The vulgar fictions of a demented Irishman.” Ann Rice … that was so incredible low … without Dracula keeping the vampire myth alive no one would be interested in your books and it would be very good for you to keep that in mind!
Overall, the movie should be fascinating but it fails to be.
„Still whining, Louis. Have enough? I’ve had to listen to that for centuries.” … and that’s the feeling I had as well …